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A small but exuberant 2 bedroom guest quarters was renovated from a 1800’s miner’s cottage. The Hansen’s main home is hidden in the trees on the hillside above the guest house. Through the ages, the house had been much modified with the latest version being a 1970’s ski shack. Consequently, the structure lost its historic rating. This renovation features period bath fixtures and a gourmet kitchen. A large bay window is a breakfast area and a solar collector. The new underground garage provides an extensive lawn on its roof – a valuble amenity on this steep hilside.

Starting in the 1980’s, Eric Brandt served 5 years on Telluride’s Historic and Architectural Review Commission (HARC), a Board with equal jurisdictions as the town’s Planning and Zoning Board. Eric, who was chairman for 2 years, applies historic sensitivity to all Historic District’s designs. This is another facet to the practice being “environmentally aware”.