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Jordan Park Home

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Client: Jordan Park Home

Location: Sedona, AZ

Date: 2016

The home is designed to be exceptionally open, airy, and one-with the amazing Sedona environment. Concurrently, the home provides a sense of strong, protecting shelter. On the hillside, it is a place to observe and be protected from the desert forest. The home is both a rustic cabin in the woods and a sleek perch overlooking its surroundings. From many angles, the exterior appears as a continuation of the surrounding spires and buttes. The home forms a rustic and refined enclosure – a sense of refuge, retreat and protection, and a place to enjoy the wide open vistas and beauty.

While most homes enjoy contrasts to varying degrees, this home embraces and thoroughly demonstrates this trait and it becomes its beautiful distinction.

The design program requested by the owner was simple: 3 beds plus a workspace, a dog run and a big, motorized pocket door for the great room. The property is a rather small building envelope in a well-planned neighborhood of rolling terrain. The nearby, un-built homes had to be anticipated, the protected view corridors optimized. The home-site’s steep terrain was the biggest design challenge. That, and to capture the Views but not of the neighbor’s homes.

To address the design program, the master suite is on the


main level, the secondary bedroom spaces are on the walk-out lower level. The entire east wall of the great room opens to the raised patio, from the kitchen to the dining and living areas. With the doors open, the great room combines with the raised patio, and both overlook the Schnebly Hill spires and mountains.

Energy concerns are handled by garage rooftop photovoltaic solar panels. Hot western exposures are minimized. Warm eastern and southern exposures are controlled with generous eaves and motorized shades. Insulation is state-of-the-art. And integral colored, hand-polished concrete flooring provides an earthy feel to the lower-level, while eliminating the extra energy of creating, shipping and installing an additional finish floor. Many, polished, semi-precious stones are inlaid randomly into this flooring.

Interior finishes continue the theme of a rustic / refined combo: Walnut flooring / stainless steel counters; Strong plank and beam ceilings / cast-glass railings; Multi-color slate floors / blue glass fronted cabinets and light fixtures; A square-edged, bamboo soaking tub on the patio / an Egg-shape tub under a snowflake pendant in the master bath; Walls of rugged Arizona moss rock / smooth, layered travertine….